Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Jimmy Sevile: Icon in Life, Sexual Predator in Death Essay

Child abuse and pedophilia is absolutely rife, not just in Britain but all over the world and most people have no idea the kind of scale we are looking at. Perhaps equally as shocking, the people being exposed as ring-leaders in the abuse cases are often high profile celebrities and well known public figures. The information that becomes public over the coming weeks and months could shatter not just the BBC, but the whole country from top to toe, as entertainers, public figures and even former Prime ministers and current politicians are being exposed as child abusing pedophiles. This isn’t just a cover up, it is one of the biggest scandals of all time orchestrated by apparently respectable members of the British establishment. That a BBC children’s presenter, Sir Jimmy Savile, was also one of the UK’s most active serial pedophiles is still a shock that is reverberating throughout the United Kingdom. Sir Jimmy Savile, was a TV and radio presenter who fronted various kid’s shows for the taxpayer funded BBC. The most famous of his shows was called Jim’ll Fix It where kids all over the UK would write letters to him personally to ask if the show could grant their various childish wishes. This was allegedly comissioned after complaints about Savile’s sexual interest in children had surfaced. Savile is estimated to have raised ? 40 million for charity. One cause for which he raised money was Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where he volunteered for many years as a porter. He raised money for the Spinal Unit, NSIC (National Spinal Injuries Centre), and St Francis Ward – a ward for children and teens with spinal cord injuries. Savile also volunteered at Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor Hospital. In August 1988, he was appointed by junior health minister Edwina Currie chair of an interim task force overseeing the management of Broadmoor Hospital, after its board members had been suspended. Savile had his own room at both Stoke Mandeville and Broadmoor. In 1989, Savile started legal proceedings against News Group Newspapers after the News of the World published an article, in January 1988, suggesting he had been in a position to secure the release of patients from the Broadmoor Hospital who were considered â€Å"dangerous†. Savile won on 11 July 1989; News Group paid the legal costs, and he received an apology from editors Kelvin MacKenzie and Patsy Chapman. In 2012, it was reported that Savile had sexually abused vulnerable patients at the hospitals. It was reported that the civil servant who proposed Savile’s appointment at Broadmoor was investigated by police and prevented from working with children. From 1974 to 1988, Savile was the honorary president of Phab (Physically Handicapped in the Able Bodied community). He sponsored medical students performing undergraduate research in the Leeds University Research Enterprise scholarship scheme, donating more than ? 60,000 every year. In 2010, the scheme was given a commitment of ? 500,000 over the following five years. Following Savile’s death in October 2011, it was confirmed that a bequest had been made to allow continued support for the programme. The ramifications of the story are however far bigger than just another stomach turning media scandal. In his lifetime Savile had been embraced at the very heart of the British establishment. He was entertained by the Prime Minister Margret Thatcher at chequers, blessed by the Pope and Knighted by the Queen. It has recently come out that in the 1980? s he was taken on by the UK’s Conservative Government to look after a high security mental hospital, Broadmoor, where it appears he was given his own set of keys despite no related qualifications or training whatsoever. It remains a mystery to many why Her Majesty’s police never managed to catch the man. Scotland Yard now describe him as â€Å"one of Britain’s worst sex offenders†. Furthermore some people are saying his sexual predilictions were a bit of an open secret at the BBC in the 1960? s and 1970? s so it’s troubling to think that he was not screened out of the British Royal Family’s social circle by an organisation such as MI5. One thing is clear, Sir Jimmy Savile operated underneath the nose of the UK’s establishment and only in the aftermath of his death did anyone dare take him on. Jimmy Savile was at the centre of this Pedophile ring that procured children for well-known figures in the British Establishment, including former British Prime Minister, pedophile and murderer Edward Heath. The perverted life of Jimmy Savile was exposed as a pedophile and necrophiliac by researchers such as David Icke as far back as the 1990s, but, people just ridiculed the accusations and the police, media, politicians and of course the BBC have all covered it up. In August 1988, shortly before the publication of a highly critical report into its operating procedures, the entire management board of Broadmoor secure psychiatric hospital was suspended by the Department of Health, which at the time had joint responsibility for its direct management. The running of Broadmoor, the highest-profile facility of its kind in the country and the home to many of Britain’s most notorious criminals, was placed in the temporary control of a â€Å"taskforce† to be headed up by an unexpected figure, Jimmy Savile. West London Mental Health NHS Trust, which now runs the hospital, believes Saviles involvement as a volunteer began in the late 1960s or early 70s. He had his own office in the grounds of the hospital, a bedroom and his own personal set of keys to the hospital wards. Savile also has some ties with Peter Sutcliffe known as the Yorkshire Ripper. Jimmy Savile, became very good friends with the mass murderer while doing voluntary work at Broadmoor. The vast majority of the victims currently coming forward allege that Jimmy Savile abused them. But detectives announced that they were mounting a full criminal investigation after some of the hundreds of people who have come forward in response to the unfolding scandal made allegations that they were abused by other individuals who are still alive. It is understood that most of these claims of sexual abuse relate to people who were associated with Savile in some way. The Savile case is just the tip of the iceberg because pedophilia is widespread amongst the ruling class of the world but it’s easily covered up. If the police investigation gets too close to people at the top there will be another cover up. A few more celebrity names will be charged and that will satisfy the public’s demand for prosecutions but those at the top will once again escape justice. Ritualistic satanic child sex abuse is real. It’s widespread especially within the ruling elite and it’s up to all of us to expose it and put an end to it. If Savile had been exposed while he was alive he would have taken many famous people down with him including those within the British Establishment.

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