Monday, February 10, 2020

Starbucks Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Starbucks - Assignment Example Besides the manager himself, there was a separate person attending to other needs and ensuring that orders were prepared exactly as specified by the customers. Yes, it is. The shop’s location is quite strategic, being one of the Starbucks shops most accessible in the area. I suppose that Starbucks should try setting up McFood booths in malls, along the paths or underpasses near it, or in places commonly frequented by people to promote the coffee while selling McFood at affordable costs. The way I see it, I think I do. People just love good coffees all the same, having become second to their nature and stapled to routine, especially before and after work or whenever they would find time to relax with friends. There is a great deal of profiting from consumers with laptops – those often governed by technologies, nowadays – and who would stop by for coffee either to unwind with a gadget playing, reading, or finishing a home-based work. Despite the negative state of economy, people normally find a way to prioritize what they love doing and spend even for expensive drinks. I like the way they treated everyone equally, not discriminating with respect to outfit, appearance, or anything that may allow harmful judgment of one’s class or status in society. At the time, I can feel their respect for every customer, going in and out of the store, as though in keeping up with economic and cultural

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